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There's a big boat this year, and we're all in it...


the USS Schooling from Home.


Whether that means you'll be following the school district's lesson plan, applying a homeschooling curriculum, or making up your own, it can be helpful to talk to a mom that's done it before. And I mean...done it all. Catherine Coggins of 6 Arrows has 6 kids that she's homeschooled since the start of their education. She's been at this a while now, and has lots of tips for newbies and pros alike. 

Our "Schooling from Home" class focuses on the general idea of teaching your own kids. Some of us never wanted to be school teachers in the first place, so this feels like a massive undertaking. While it will probably be challenging, like most things, a little routine and some tricks of the trade will go a long way.

We're all in this together - and we can do this!

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