We have two parking spaces in the alley behind Cohost that you are welcome to use. To access, driving east down 271st, turn right onto Marine Drive at Wayne’s Café. Make another right just past Wayne’s parking lot. The alley is narrow until you reach our spots, where it opens up. Our address numbers (8712) are on the back door. Please only park two cars, as our neighbors use their spots.


For your guests, they can park along 271st St, or in the large lot by the train station. To access, driving west down 271st, make a right at the police station. Make another right into the lot. There is a walk through in the Granary Building so your guests don’t have to walk around the block. From the parking lot, enter the building as if going to Jasmine Thai. Walk through the hallway, and out onto 271st St.


We provide free Wifi on the network “COHOST-Guest”. There is no password needed.


The six, counter height tables are on locking wheels. We can decide on a floor plan in advance, or your can arrange the tables when you arrive. Please be sure to lock each wheel once positioned. There is a small lever on each that, when pressed, stops the wheel from turning.


We have a Sonos sound system. You are welcome to download the app and pair the speaker when you arrive – it takes just a minute or two. You can then play from Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Radio by Tune In and a bit of a personal music library. We also have a cable to connect to your phone if you’d like to play your own playlist.


We have a 10’ screen and digital projector available for your use. The projector has a Roku, which makes available DirectTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL, Hulu, YouTube, etc. This requires a prior arrangement and additional, refundable deposit, so please advise if you would like to include this for your event.


There are two switches by the back door. They control all the lights in the space – each powers half of each light fixture. For bright lights, turn on both switches. For dimmer light, use only one.


We have a large, commercial fridge available for your use.


We have a supply of platters, serving bowls, water glasses, coffee mugs and forks. You are welcome to use them for your event. Please confirm needed quantities in advance.


We have a filtered water dispenser that provides hot, cold and room temperature water.


We have a coffee urn that makes up to 45 cups. Please bring your own coffee grounds.


We have a Wifi enabled August lock on the front door. It is not a door knob. You will not need to use it. In the event that someone accidentally locks it, simply turn clockwise to unlock.


We ask that you remove all decorations and event items. If you need to clean anything while here (spills, etc), there are rags and cleaning products in the utility closet.


Please put all garbage in the cans provided. If full, please tie up the bag and place in dumpster outside the back door (to the left). There are extra garbage bags under the sink in the bathroom, if needed.