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cohost is a learning space: virtually and in reality.

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Tell Me A Story!


Julia Whitehouse is the host of Happy Hour Story Hour, the longest running, weekly open mic storytelling night in New York City - and she's so much more! We've been friends for eons, love to tell stories and want to hears yours! Listen in on her advice for unearthing those memories, how to tell a compelling story and the best tip for overcoming stage fright.


You can catch her weekly show, Happy Hour Story Hour, on Monday nights at 7pm ET on Instagram Live Stories (@juliawhair). Message her to put your name in the hat...maybe you'll be selected to tell your story! I highly recommend you do.

Up Your Social Media Game!


I didn't have an Instagram account until I started Cohost. I used Facebook mostly for posting pics of my kids for my relatives and searching for local events. I still don't tweet. 

But I knew I'd need all of those platforms and more to make Cohost a household name. (Is it yet? Tag someone :) )

Adam runs a boutique marketing agency, so he's the perfect guy to talk to about all of this. This is an especially good time to work out the kinks in your digital game - we can't get together in person anyway!

Check out all the cool stuff Madak is up to at @madak on Instagram, Facebook and all the others.

Fire Up Your Grill!

We're getting into prime grilling season, and it's time to up your game. Brandon is a competitive BBQer, traveling the country with his smoker to wow the judges. We are super excited he took the time to record our first cooking show!

You might need to pause the video to run out and buy a flank steak…it’s that enticing. Brandon’s got tons of equipment recommendations, marinade advice and demonstrates the perfect reverse sear. Do you know what a “tube smoker” is? I didn’t – and now I don’t think I can live without one! Father’s Day gift: done.

We’re looking forward to having Brandon – with his grill! - at Cohost for an in person class…I can already smell it.

Wackadoo BBQ is currently catering from the Arlington/Stanwood area. Reach out to Brandon for menu options – I highly recommend it all.

Follow Wackadoo BBQ on Instagram @wackadoobbq and on FB /wackadoobbq.

Ice It!

I've been mesmerized by Fir Island Cakery's time lapse videos on Instagram since Darcy started posting in August 2019. She completely transforms a small, round layer cake into a masterpiece in just minutes. 

I slowed her down a bit, and asked her to share of tricks of the trade - and she delivered! Darcy shows us the tools and techniques she uses in her creations, and revealed that each cake is her design, inspired by the recipient, but purely from her own imagination. Phew - I didn't know I could admire her more.

So take notes, aspiring bakers! And if you have any questions, Darcy would love to hear from you. Follow her on Instagram @fir_island_cakery


Stay Balanced!


Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga, and has been practiced and studied for thousands of years. So what a delight to be able to learn so much about it in 11 minutes from Ayurvedic Practitioner, Katrina Svoboda!


My curiosity was piqued when I took an online quiz to determine my dosha - the Ayurvedic term for my unique constitution. I quickly realized I needed some guidance if I wanted to explore it thoughtfully. What luck to find the Ayurvedic Health Center in nearby Bellingham!


Katrina has been a mentor and friend ever since. I meet with her regularly - over the phone now, no less effectively - and am feeling so much better (in a million ways) than I did a year ago. Enjoy our lovely conversation, and check out her practice to learn even more:

Be Well!

So much to say...this recording was a tour de force of chit chat. Erin and I talked about stretching, finding your happy, making dinner (salmon!), focused breathing and spicy margaritas. She's helping us all loosen up...about setting goals, about the pressures of lockdown and about wearing leggings. And trying to get us to put our shoulder blades in our back pockets!

Erin Peña is a yoga instructor, massage therapist and teacher of children, currently living in OR. 


Follow Erin on Facebook (Explore With Erin: Yoga Wellness Fun) to access her online yoga classes and Instagram (@fannypackfieldtrip) to enjoy a "Lifestyle, wellness, and food blog by your favorite hot mess!" She's the best!

Be Intentional!

I took Nicole Cooley's "New Year New Money Mindset" class at the end of February and a shift started happening. I started seeing more ways to earn, and more resources I already had (hello pantry!) With the current stay home situation, it's been even more critical to keep tabs on the money going in and out of our accounts, and I've found that looking at the numbers more neutrally (as just a number) is really helpful. I'm hoping to create small money habits now that will last well beyond this crazy spring.

And you can, too! Nicole and I chatted about spending intentionally, finding ways to save, shopping locally and one thing that everyone should start doing today. 

Nicole is available for 1-on-1 coaching as well. Her website has tons more info and she regularly posts on Instagram @iamnicolecooley.

Sign up here for her newsletter.

Article referenced:

COVID-19 Financial Relief Resources

Smell and Feel Great!


Tamara set us up at Cohost with a diffuser and essential oils a few months ago. I love it, and almost everyone comments on their way in about how good it smells. They also make themselves comfortable and chat happily with me for a while. I think the oils are to be credited with this, too.


Essential oils offer more than perfume - they can give you energy, calm you down, boost your immune system and so much more. I think they help make people feel at ease here at Cohost - I can't wait for you to smell for yourself again soon!


Like many of us, Tamara has switched her business to an online platform, offering workshops online and helping cohost doTERRA parties from home. Get in touch with her to learn more!


Tamara Shelley: Our Big Oily Family

Go Play!


As a mom to two small kids, I often have questions about their learning, how to teach them things and whether they're keeping pace with others. In this "stay home time", my wonders have become worries. So I turned to my friend and early childhood educator, Heather White, for guidance. 


And wow - did she deliver. We chatted about play based learning, breaking eggs, bath times, the best kids songs and so much more. We talked about so much more than I could include...but she was kind enough to write up a Q&A if you'd like some additional info - click here to view

Heather is currently leading a Facebook Live "Virtual Story Time" on Thurs & Fri mornings at 8:30am. We'll hopefully be back to monthly Pop Up Preschool at Cohost on June 1 (tickets: 10am & 11:30am). Heather is also slated to teach 3 sessions of Tinkergarten this summer - details here.

Please follow Heather on social media to be kept up to date - and hang in there: you're doing great!

Parenting From The Beginning!

Catherine Coggins is our guide to all things parenting: child birth, cloth diapering, homeschooling and even grandparenting! As a homeschooling mom of six (!), she has done and seen it all. Here she offers her tips on how to make it all work: from homeschooling a variety of ages to cleaning cloth diapers to comfort measures (for birth and beyond). 


Catherine is a ProDoula certified labor doula and child birth educator, currently offering her super-informative classes on her website: During April and May, she is offering a discount (and add on deal!) on her "Tulip Virtual Doula Package". Reach out to learn more!

Stick Together!

Jesse Garnett White is a collage artist and all around blast to be around. He taught a killer Vision Board class at Cohost in January, and here he digs a little deeper into the art. The tips he offers make it easy to get started on your first (or fortieth) piece of collage. 

If you would like a little more direct guidance, click here for a downloadable Power Point that Jesse put together. 

Learn more about collage and geology by following Jesse on Facebook. He is a wealth of knowledge - feel free to reach out!

Do It Yourself Care!

Janae Fletcher is a Self Care Architect, Podcaster, Massage Therapist and Article Club enthusiast - and so much more! We chatted about ways that we can take care of ourselves and others, and how small tweaks can lead to big change.


If you'd like to learn more about Janae and her Self Care Passport, please go to She has a *free* meditation library and links to her podcast, blog, massage therapy appointments, templates and guidebooks...I mean, see: SO MUCH MORE!

Our next Article Club is set for May 14th @ 3:30pm. You can RSVP here.


Articles mentioned in the video:


Self Care & "Tiny Habits"

Say Cheese!


Meghan McKenna, local cheese and butter maker, gives us the tips we'll need to create a cheese board for the ages. 


Meghan's been a staple in the local cheese community for many years, speaking most recently to the Seattle Times about keeping it local in this article: "Why you should be eating cheese and drinking wine — or beer, or booze — in the time of coronavirus in Seattle".


Meghan's next class at Cohost is slated for June 22nd - she'll be teaching us how to make butter! Reserve a spot here.


Learn more about local cheeses by following Meghan on Instagram (@cheesemakermeghan). Feel free to reach out with any cheese related questions!