About {Contour Creative}
Into the wild.
Whenever I see one of Devan’s shirts, it’s on a person out in the wilderness, and my first thought is that it’s in its natural habitat.
Because Devan doesn’t make clothes. Devan handstamps adventure apparel, and I think you can feel the difference. I wear clothes to work. I want to pull on one of Devan’s sweatshirts in the middle of the night on a camping trip when the fire is getting low and the stars are shining bright and we’re all super tired, but not quite ready for bed.
In Devan’s words: “I always loved beautifully printed shirts but felt like none truly expressed who I was. So I decided to make some myself and turns out, others like them, too.”
Yes, we do.
As a member of the Cohost Collective, Contour Creative apparel will be in the Makers Market from March 31 – June 18th. Our shop hours are Wednesday – Friday from 11am – 4pm.

Geometric Mountains Tee {Contour Creative}



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