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Why does it cost money to participate?

The flat rate fee will go towards Cohost’s time in prepping for the event. We do a personalized write up, put your goods into our Square, arrange all your goods to look amazing, and buy advertising on social media (and usually a print ad as well). So even if you sell nothing (which has never happened), we have put in quite a bit of work for your brand, and are offering exposure and space. Once your goods are displayed, the 15% commission goes towards the time spent in the shop: welcoming customers and chatting up your goods, consistent posting of shop items, and a bit of an incentive to attract as many customers as possible.

Does Cohost take all the payments from customers?

Yes. We will enter each maker's goods into our Square. This way shoppers can purchase from multiple vendors at once. We also charge the sales tax because we are the final point of sale. We subtract the Square fees, taxes and commission from your payout check (something to think about when setting prices).

How will I be paid for the items Cohost sells for me?

We will use Square to take payments from customers and then write each maker a check at the end of the weekend in the amount of the sold goods. Deducted from this amount will be the credit card fees charged*, taxes paid and the 15% commission. I will provide statements of all sales, and will have payment ready when you pick up your goods.

*Square fees are 2.6% + $.10 for credit cards.

What do I need to bring to Cohost with my goods?

Please plan to bring your lovely creations, an inventory list/price sheet and business cards. (Please also stick the price on each item…it will really help things run smoothly and avoid confusion). You will receive a template to complete for your inventory sheet. This must be emailed to Cohost prior to drop off. Let us know if you’d like guidance on how to convey pricing. 


Also, if you have bags that fit your artwork well, please bring a stack so we can offer our customers good packaging. I have a bunch of Cohost bags and tissue that I will use as well. And if your art looks best on a specific display (like an earring tree or jewelry case) please bring that.

Do I need a business license to participate?

No, you do not need a business license to be one of our makers. We do recommend that you have some business cards and a social media account or website that we can direct people to in posts and in the shop. A lot of our shoppers like to learn more about the maker, and even order custom items directly. It is very helpful for us to have an easy way to communicate your information to the shoppers. (The UPS Store can usually print off business cards quickly.)

What if I still have questions?

Feel free to send an email to hello@cohostspace.com, and we'll get back to you!