Cohost Collective Members:


(this is offered by invitation for returning vendors only)


cost: $475 + 15% commission on sales

(these figures include the monthly market ($100 + 15% of sales)

with an additional $375 investment in your business as a whole.)


3-month program

36 sales days over three consecutive months

Collective members' goods will remain in the shop while monthly market participants change each month.

There will be two weeks each month when ONLY the Collective members' goods will be displayed.


max of 5 Collective members each cycle


Your Cohost Collective Membership includes:

One-on-one Assessment & Strategy Session with Adam Kopp of Madak:

(value $150)

One-on-one Finance Strategy Session

with Nicole Cooley, Money Coach:

(value $100)

Create! with Katie from Red Barn Art Studio (value $150):

Brainstorming Session with Cat from Cohost: (value $100)

Three Coworking Sessions:

(value $60)

Adam is awesome. During your session, you will have the opportunity to review your current marketing, branding and social media strategies. Adam will offer feedback and suggestions with your specific goals in mind. This is an amazing opportunity to ask targeted questions and receive guidance from an expert in the field.


Madak was a big part of the birth of Cohost. I knew I needed help with the overall aesthetic of our space, but there are so many details (logo, website, ticketing platform…), and I was immediately overwhelmed. A friend recommended Madak, and I pounced. Together, talked at length about the overall vibe I wanted to create. I designed the Cohost logo while doing bedtime for my kids (true story) and I sent one of their designers (shout out to Elizabeth!) a crude sketch that she turned into an actual graphic. No questions were too basic – it was so great to speak freely about something I was so invested in and not be judged on how random or mismatched my ideas were. I love working with Madak; it’s a safe space to bring all your hopes and dreams, and get them organized and styled. Adam and I chat regularly about things that I can do to make Cohost more interactive, more visible and more accessible. He’s the best.

Learn more about Adam and Madak at madak.com.



It’s not easy to talk about money – which is nuts because it’s at the center of just about every business on the planet. But don’t worry – Nicole won’t tell you to spend less and save more; she wants to dig a little deeper. Teaching people to manage their money with intention and purpose has become her passion. She believes that spending has to have a balance, and when you can bring intention back to your choices and your finances, everything changes. During this one-on-one, you’ll chat about business cash flow management and pricing strategy; you’ll also have a chance to consider your money mindset and intentional spending.


Nicole taught a Money Mindset class at Cohost early last year – and it really helped reshape not only how I think about the money I spend, but the money I already have. And not just the dollars in the bank. But money I have and don’t count as wealth: the food in our pantry, the unused gift cards, the memberships. It was like finding money! Nicole also offered us the opportunity to take a hard look at the little expenses that weren’t getting us anywhere. For example: I sometimes pile some random things in my cart at Target (maybe you can relate?) And those $15 aren’t breaking the bank. But do that a few times a month, and not only does it add up, but I started to think about how I could have spent that money on something with a lot more value – like a date night babysitter. This idea of valuing the things you buy beyond the material gain is so exciting – and super relevant in the Maker space. The value to our community of being able to buy products that are locally handmade goes beyond the purchase. It’s a connection to the source and knowing creators and supporting local businesses...and it’s important to count that value.


Dig deep with Nicole – you’ll love it.


Learn more about Nicole at nicole-cooley.com



Katie’s killer combination of incredible talent and endless creativity make her a pillar in the local art scene; her generosity of spirit is the icing on the cake. Katie opened the Red Barn Art Studio as a hub for creation in 2012, and it’s become a community classroom for kids and adults alike. Knowing firsthand that “makers gonna make”, Katie is offering a workshop for makers to do just that. The exact craft is TBD, but whether it’s creating a mosaic flowerpot, sculpting with FIMO, or designing a watercolor collage, Collective members will have a chance to stretch their skills and learn some new ones.

Katie’s been a part of several Makers Markets, and at each drop off, I’ve been stunned by the pieces. There is so much craftswomanship and a clear aesthetic – thrilling given the diversity of goods she creates. From painted planters to large scale mosaic art pieces, Katie’s work is playful and beautifully executed. I have one of her mirrors in my living room; it makes me so very happy.


Cat opened Cohost in Sept of 2019 with a vision to gather our community in this wonderful space to learn and laugh together. The past 18 months have been a whirlwind, and Cohost has transformed again and again. Figuring out what the next step could be was a blast. Being the boss has its perks, and one of them is seeing a new path and being able to follow it. Doing so led to the Cohost Makers Markets, and the possibilities from there are endless. Cat believes the same is true for the makers involved. There so many ways to market, sell, promote and showcase your talents – let’s spend some time talking about it all! We’ll review some social media options, maintaining a cohesive brand identity and reaching beyond the stars.



Cohost operates as a coworking space Mon – Fri from 8am-4pm. It’s a low key, warm and open space that allows for creative thought without the distractions of home/studio/office life. We have super speedy internet, free coffee and good vibes. Included in your Collective membership is access to three 4-hour sessions (8am-12pm; 10am-2pm or 12-4pm) to use during your three-month membership. These sessions can be booked online (you will be provided a code).