monthly makers market 2021

pop up shop details:

Insta Valentines Pop Up.png

We opened Cohost with the vision and dream of creating community. Even (especially?) in a time when we're being asked to be more careful in our contact with others, the need for a feeling of inclusion and hope has remained strong.

The immense success of our Makers Markets in the past few months has been amazing, wonderful and inspiring.

We want to continue to offer makers a space to 

 Cohost will be offering a boutique shopping experience for local makers on Valentine's Day weekend. 

Our spot on Main Street is perfect for retail. During our holiday markets in December, we had a lot of people come in to shop that follow us on social media and were aware of the market. We also had folks come in because they were downtown for other things, and wanted to check out the lovely shop. We created a lot of buzz in the community by offering locally handmade goods - our most frequently asked question was "when can I come back and shop again?"

Now we have an answer!

Our Valentine's market hours will be Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm. We are hoping to do a Galentine's Shop and Sip one evening as well. (And we'll offer curbside pick up & pre-sales to help the significant others that might not like to shop as much as we do...)

Like we did for our holiday market in December (check out photos and such on our site or social media), we will focus on handmade goods. It was an amazing thing to watch everyones eyes light up when they learned that EVERYTHING in the shop was locally handmade. In this amazing time we're living in, people are really excited to shop small/shop local, and Cohost is thrilled to offer that times a million :)


We will offer each vendor an appropriate area (shelves, a table or floor space) for their products. We'd like to offer a diverse range of locally made things.


Unlike a traditional market, vendors will not stay with their wares. Cohost's capacity in the current phase is limited to 10 people. If all the sellers stay with their products, we won't have room for shoppers! And, it will free up you creative folks to go be creative!


So...we have the space, and you have the goods. Please - feel free to shoot me an email with questions ( And please share with anyone you would like to see on Main Street.


Shop Dates: Feb 11-13 : 10am-5pm

Drop off of goods: Feb 7 (9am-12pm *super bowl sunday!) & Feb 8 (12-4pm)

Pick up of goods: Feb 15 & 16 : 12-4pm